Allan Jones: A map of the brain

10 11 2011

How can we begin to understand the way that the brain works?? In the same way that we began to understand a city: making a map. In this presentation, visually stunning, Allan Jones shows how his team mapped the genes that are activated in each small region of the brain.

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The Allen Institute for Brain Science – based in Seattle, driven by the co-founder of Microsoft Paul Allen- It has the Mission of promoting discoveries about the human brain through the construction of tools that can be used by the scientific community. One of the first projects of Allan Jones was to boost a campaign to create a complete atlas of the brain of a mouse. In April of 2011, the Allen Institute announced the first milestone in its interactive online of the human brain atlas: show more activity of 20.000 human genes containing. Based on a combination of 15 brain drain, Since every human brain is unique.

Think of the human brain Atlas Allen as a bridge of high technology between the anatomy of the brain and genetics. With the use of this atlas, scientists will be able to determine in which part of the brain, genes that encode specific proteins are active, including the proteins that are affected by the medication. Or researchers may come to the structures of the brain that feel altered in mental disorders such as schizophrenia to find its molecular footprint. The atlas can provide clues about memory, attention, motor coordination, hunger, and perhaps time emotions such as happiness and anxiety. [en línea] New York (USA):, 10 November 2011[REF. November of 2011] Available on Internet:



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