Good news for diabetics: free mobile application helps to control carbs

14 11 2011
The Medtronic company, specializing in medical technology, He has developed a special mobile application that allows patients with diabetes take control over the consumption of carbohydrates, an essential ability to carry a proper daily therapy.
Carbohydrate counting helps children with diabetes eat a variety of foods, same as the other children, and increases their sense of control and confidence in the management of your diabetes. For parents and carers, This is important for planning meals and help children to maintain good levels of sugar in the blood.
The so-called application "Telling food with Lenny" is available for Iphone and Ipad and can be downloaded free of charge and Spanish through ITunes looking for the words "Lenny" or "Medtronic" either by accessing to
What it is??
Through a friendly and educational platform, the application has a food guide to learn the values of carbohydrates from many food products and you can also customize the Guide by selecting the favorite foods of each person.
On the other hand, It has four interactive games that allows guys to deepen knowledge about the food in a didactic way and share experiences in network with other friends, participate in contests and win prizes.
About diabetes
The World Diabetes Day, established at the initiative of the International Diabetes Federation and who, celebrated the 14 November to commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Frederick Banting, who, along with Charles Best, He played a key role in the discovery in 1922 insulin, hormone that allows diabetics to treat and make your healthy life.
Diabetes in numbers
According to the World Health Organization (WHO):
- There are currently 346 millions of people who suffer from diabetes
-It is the cause of the 5% of the total number of deaths in the world.
-More than the 80% of diabetes deaths occur in countries low- and middle-income
-half of deaths correspond to people less of 70 years and a 55% women. [en línea] Buenos Aires (Argentina):, 14 November 2011[REF. 14 November of 2011] Available on Internet:



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13 12 2011
Tlaloc (04:16:27) :

I am a diabetic insulin dependent living in uruguay and I want the application I tried to download it everywhere and I can not can you tell me a direct download path to download the application.
from already thank you


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