DOCTOPOLIS It is a new company that was created with the desire to put innovation at the service of the private sector health professionals and their patients, and so from the effort and illusion.

The Mission of DOCTOPOLIS

The raison d ' être of DOCTOPOLIS is based on two principles:

  • Improve the relationship between health professionals and their patients.
  • Optimize the management of the consultations of the health professionals.

The vision of DOCTOPOLIS

On the one hand, DOCTOPOLIS aspires to become a web portal of reference among patients in the health professionals practising in the field of private Spain. Both the order and the depth of information offered by professionals who are part of the directory, as for the facilities put at the disposal of its users to schedule time to visit online and free.

On the other hand, DOCTOPOLIS also wants to be considered a portal of reference among the health professionals practising in the field of private Spain, you have to see an opportunity to be released from the rigor and seriousness in DOCTOPOLIS, and also a tool to optimize the management of your queries.


  • Transparency and communication: DOCTOPOLIS wants to do away with the opacity and the incomprehension that has traditionally acted barrier between health professionals and their patients, and you want to do it in a rigorous and attractive.
  • Rigorous and detailed information: DOCTOPOLIS gives priority to the quality and not the quantity. The web portal offers its users thorough and accurate information. DOCTOPOLIS rejects the imprecision, in the field of health can be very dangerous.
  • Immediacy and effectiveness: The portal seeks to satisfy the requirement of the “here and now” in today's society. We don't have time or money to lose and DOCTOPOLIS offers its users the necessary tools to make efforts with few clicks that so far have made them great efforts.
  • Creativity and innovation: On the one hand, DOCTOPOLIS want to anticipate and provide a completely new service. In addition, undertakes to continue to innovate to improve performance and add new ones every day. On the other hand, DOCTOPOLIS allocates part of its profits to the medical research through an own annual award.
  • Sustainability: DOCTOPOLIS believes in the construction of a new model. In the new world approaching the scarcity of resources will be evidence and manage them in a sustainable manner will be key. Why call or spend paper and ink?? Better to make a couple of clicks.



2 responses to “ABOUT DOCTOPOLIS”

1 02 2013
Tomas Molina (11:31:46) :

I would like to update and information, medical centers and their specialties .
Thank you

1 02 2013
doctopolis (12:17:29) :

Dear Mr. Molina,
First of all thank you for your interest in the Blog.
All the information relative to the directory (centers and specialties) You can find it on the web: http://www.doctopolis.com

If you want more specific information, You can send us an email to: info@doctopolis.com


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