Dr Frangi: Do move of tyrants without destroying the tyranny?

7 01 2013

Dr. Alejandro Frangi
Director Center for research in image technologies and biomedical simulation (CISTIB)

We started a new year! It is perhaps time for balances and reflections background, thoughts that guide and give sense to our activity... A researcher is, above all, a thinker, a good search engine, truth and beauty. You can not evade the question of why the daily in its research effort and the impact this has on their environment.

In recent weeks I got a phrase that made me think. Mariano Moreno is, one of the heroes of the independence of my country of origin, Argentina, of those that valuing the heritage received from Spain expressed its commitment to bring it to maturity. Men with personality itself but open to European ideas of the era and not afraid to apply them to create a free future for America.

Mariano Moreno (Buenos Aires, Viceroyalty of the Río de la Plata, 23 de septiembre de 1778 – high seas, 4 March of 1811), According to tells us Wikipedia, was a lawyer, journalist and politician of the United Provinces of the Río de la Plata. He played a major role in the events that led to the may revolution and decisive action as Secretary of the Primera Junta, resulting from the same. Moreno was the ideologist of this revolution, defence counsel for the rights of Indians. He was always faithful to his ideals of liberation and ideology roussoniana learned in the most prestigious University of the region at the time, the University of Chuquisaca. There he read the books of Montesquieu, Voltaire, Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and other European thinkers of the period. Also, He studied the English language and the French to understand the authors who write in these languages, What also served as translator. One of the works that resulted was the book “The social contract” Rousseau. With his writings and exhibitions, Moreno contributed to the development of free trade in the Río de la Plata. In addition, in July of 1810 the Board appointed him so that he drafted a Plan of operations and the political strategy of the revolution project, due to the large capacity that Moreno had with writing and oratory. He died poisoned in high seas, on the way to a diplomatic mission in London.

Beyond the historical constraints, the dispute of the conquest and the subsequent independence of Latin America, There are significant and perhaps recurring elements in the history of the countries that can illuminate our current and socio-economic-political moment in Catalonia; my land by adoption and has seen four of our seven children were born. At every moment of history, in all places of the Earth, man craves freedom, beauty, welfare but these are only achieved at the cost of a personal effort of knowledge, overcoming and resignation without which these cravings are nothing more than changing illusions.

Mariano Moreno expressed in the preface to the translation of the "Social Contract" of edited Russeau in 1810 in the Gazette: «If the peoples are not illustrated, If your rights are not vulgarizan, If every man does not know what it is worth, What can and what is owed, new hopes will happen to the old, and after hesitating sometime between thousand uncertainties, «It will be perhaps our luck moving of tyrants without destroying the tyranny».

Perhaps the worst tyrannies, as soon as that most unnoticed by common, they are those resulting from the lack of education, of misunderstanding or little critical thinking, a limited suction that limited welfare to the apparent or material. It is relevant to talk about education in societies so advanced and modern as the European? Unfortunately Yes!

Maybe don't miss access to elementary education or even access to university education as it can lend to miss in other lands. But the worst ignorance is the believe know enough without knowing in depth or complete form, who denies the existence of universal principles, knowledge of the outside world without discovering the interiority, the live without response to the deepest human questions, a life adrift of relativism or that denies the existence of any natural law. Our time meant many times by critical mind criticism of the big social problems without responsibility for putting, as inconsequential, solutions that are really within our reach. The critical spirit we confuse with being majority and see straw in neighbouring ignoring our beam. The true critical spirit, seems to me, It is that begins by oneself and airs on changes humble but real and constant in the environment in which we live. At last, the aspiration for well-being goes beyond material things. The human experience is full of experiences that recognize the existence of other horizons than the merely tangible: the need for affection and the esteem of others, the need to contribute to the success of others, work and learn about teamwork, of freedom to live in harmony with the environment without betraying the personal principles, be able to enrich each other valuing diversity without demagoguery.

In sum, become researchers is to be open to knowledge and, in that sense, every man has some research vocation, that confidence in the ability to apprehend and not settle for the status quo of his momentary understanding, be open to new horizons, progress in personal development and put at the service of their peers. And this, Here are the key, We can do it to the extent that we take the reins of our intelligence and our willingness to. We can do it even in the midst of difficulties of all kinds, in the midst of economic problems, in the midst of the prevailing socio-political disorientation and its consequences.

Viktor Frankl (n. Vienna; 26 March of 1905 – m. ibid.; 2 de septiembre de 1997) was a neurologist and Austrian psychiatrist, founder of logotherapy. It survived since 1942 up 1945 in several Nazi concentration camps, including Auschwitz and Dachau. Frankl wrote "everything can be taken from a man", least the last of human freedoms: Choose your attitude in a given set of circumstances, Choose your own path. Do we cannot change the situation? If you are not in your hands change a situation that causes you pain, You can always choose the attitude with which you meet that suffering". His profession and research were fed from your personal experience forming the third school of Viennese Psychiatry. Nelson Mandela, He used to repeat a verse of the poem Invictus of woman. Henley during the 27 years which lasted his incarceration on Robben Island: "No matter how narrow is the road", how charged with punishment the judgment. I am the master of my destiny; I am the captain of my soul".

At last, There is a text that read teenager and who personally inspires me to move forward in confidence not only in the faith that I have received from my parents but also in human capabilities, inheritance that I share with every man: "Endowed with intelligence and freedom, the man is responsible for its growth, as well as of your salvation. Helped, and sometimes clogged, Why educate it and surround, each one always remains, whatever those inflows that are exercised upon him, the main architect of its success or its failure: for only the effort of his intelligence and his will, each man can grow in humanity, worth more, be more..." (Populorum Progressio, n. 15).

Perhaps we should return to the beginning of this article: 2013, a new year! A new blank sheet, a new opportunity to write our history. Thinking about the illusion that each of my children begins a drawing when I give them a blank sheet, I think of the opportunity afforded by this new year: the researchers of profession, Yes, but also to every man who shares the essentials of the research which is the search for truth, the good and the beautiful. Search that will allow us to liberate us deeply and authentically of all tyranny. Best wishes for this search that begins today! Happy new year 2013!



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