eLEGS allows the paraplegics to stand and walk

18 07 2011

Berkeley Bionics ™, Developer and American manufacturer of Bionic exoskeletons that increase human force, the strength and mobility, He has presented eLEGS, a Bionic device that allows paraplegics to walk and walk.

eLEGS You can adjust and adaptCSR to the majority of people in a matter of minutes. Users can auto - transfer from their wheelchair to the device, it attaches to the body with simple straps and clips. It may be placed on the clothing and shoes and, with a little practice, its users are able to put it on and take it off in one or two minutes.

eLEGS It offers an unprecedented knee flexion, It translates in a way more natural gait, so it can be handled in mixed terrain. Your speed depends on the fitness of each patient and their status. The device works with battery and has a computer that, using sensors, There are the gestures that the user performs to determine their intentions and then acts accordingly.

Clinical trials will begin early next year at the United States rehabilitation clinics. The patients selected will have the opportunity to enroll in a training program eLEGS under medical supervision. Therapists who are responsible for the program will receive training before attending patients.

Scope.NET [en línea] Spain: scope.NET, 18 in July of 2011, [REF. July of 2011] Available on Internet:




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