Entrepreneurship vs. “emprenyadoria”

30 04 2012

(C). Rovira Bassols


The word that best defines start doing one thing, especially when requires effort and work, is to undertake. At the present time, the figure of the entrepreneur, which undertakes, you have purchased a “status” prominent and has become the axis of the majority of the proposals to emerge from the crisis.

However, There is another figure, totally opposed to the first. This figure has a series of characteristics: the discouragement, the distrust, the slander, the lack of talent, destructive criticism, the conspiracy, the absolute lack of initiative… and it is difficult to find a term that defined exactly. The most capable of doing so is perhaps a word in catalan: “l'emprenyador“.

This expression lacks a clear definition and therefore, I have not known how to translate it, but contains various verbs, this can be set using a set of synonyms: teasing, humpback, bother, Badger, incordiar, irritate, enojar, angry, zaherir, tire, fatigue, Dizzy, overwhelm, harass, chinchar, willfulness, load, besiege, moannoyharassing and even envy.

In the video for this article, a leading journalist discusses, humorous, the theme to perfection. He has invented a “formula”, without scientific basis, the composition of any micro-climate and by extension, society itself, in these terms. A 10% consists of entrepreneurs, another 10% are the “emprenyadors” and the 80% remaining, people “you expect”. The 10% entrepreneurs dragged many of the of the 80%, but the 10% of “empemprenyadors221;, also.

A friend of mine, Txema, to see the video, He added a reflection to it that I like to transcribe them: Can do a Manichean division between “emprendedores” -those who are involved and make things- and “emprenyadors” -those who do nothing more than criticizing entrepreneurs-. We can all be “emprendedoentrepreneursd we also can all have one time or another of nonsense “emprenyador”. The enemy is not outside, but inside, for this reason the fight we have to carry out, First of all, against this spoilers all of us and that leads us to immobility and criticise what others do.

In the end, I leave you with the video, It is worth the effort.

Youtube.com [en línea] San Bruno (USA): YouTube.com, 30 April 2012[REF. 2012] Available on Internet: http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v = TyTYf4JTNg



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