Histocell will develop a cellular medicine against pulmonary fibrosis from a patent of the CSIC and the Hospital Clínic

20 02 2012

Histocell, theHospital Clínic de Barcelonaand theConsejo Superior de scientific research (CSIC) they have closed a licensing agreement whereby the biotechnological BasqueIt will invest a minimum of three million eurosand its cellular medicine industrialization ability to advance over the next three years in the development of drugs for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.Genome Spain, through theprogram Innocash, will bring to the company 450.000 additional form of loan in EUR.

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis causes irreversible and progressive loss of respiratory capacity. It has an average of three to five years survival from the onset of symptoms, and an average prevalence of 15 cases by each 100.000 people. Currently do not have any effective treatment and conventional treatments to combat it are based on the use of corticosteroids, immunosuppressive and cytotoxic agents, antioxidants and agents antifibroticos, little effective to modify the progression of fibrosis, except in some cases where a slight decrease of the disease has been observed.

In the foreground, the doctors Antoni Xaubet and Anna Serrano – Photo: © Hospital Clínic de Barcelona - IDIBAPS.

The results of theResearch, initiated in 2004 led by theDRA. Ana Serrano, researcher at the CSIC - last Friday participated in thedayChallenges and risks of research in advanced therapies Biocat and TCUB-, and theDr. Antoni Xaubet, physician researcher of Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS, It was patented in 2005. In 2008 He entered the technology portfolio of genome Spain. The results obtained in animal models showed that certain cells from the lung helped recover function lost in affected lungs of idiopathic fibrosis. Based on these results, a programme was initiated clinical in patients with pulmonary fibrosis with bad criteria moderate forecast, who has had with the financial support of genome Spain, the Instituto de Salud Carlos III and the own CSIC, results will be announced throughout of 2012.

Histocell, of bollard Bioscience Group, It specialises in engineering of tissue and cell therapy for its application in regenerative medicine. Its technology is based on the use of adult stem cells prediferenciadas or not prediferenciadas and applied alone or in combination with next generation biomaterials. This project the positions among companies pioneers in the application of cell therapies in the treatment of lung diseases.

In addition to the three million euros committed now, intended to extend clinical trials in patients and to ensure the technical viability of the expansion of lung cells, Histocell intends to undertake thesubsequent phases of clinical development, for which one opens soonround of capital increase. Its director-general, July Font, He explains that "it is a unique opportunity to apply a cell therapy to modify the development of a disease that has no treatment", "with the prospect of reaching patients in very less than usual in this type of development". You could start yourapplication of generalized way from 2013.

El Dr. Angel Knight, Deputy Vice President of the CSIC knowledge transfer manager, He has stated that "the agreement is a great example of how research in public environments may transfer to the industry". El Dr. Joan Bigorra, Director of innovation of Drospital Clínic, It highlights that "thanks to the character translational research", result of a close collaboration between basic and clinical scientists, "has been achieved transcend the academic environment and give respite to the industry to realize the transformation of knowledge into economic and social value".

Biocat.cat [en línea] Barcelona (ESP): biocat.cat, 20 de febrero de 2012 [REF. 23 in January of 2012] Available on Internet:http://es/noticias/histocell-desarrollara-un-medicamento-celular-contra-la-fibrosis-pulmonar-de-una-patente-del-csic-y-el-hospital-clinic www.biocat.cat/



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