They implanted a permanent artificial heart

24 11 2011

Advanced age, with associated diseases and is not suitable to receive a heart transplant. This is the profile of the patient that is you can permanently implanted an artificial heart. In Andalusia, you have already located the first, a man of 70 who was suffering from terminal heart failure as well as chronic lung disease, reason for which could not be a candidate for a heart transplant.

The intervention occurred first time in Andalusia the 26 October in the Hospital universitario Reina Sofía Córdoba, After a prior training of medical equipment in Germany and have tried with animals.


Thanks to this intervention, that lasted three hours and in which participated a dozen professionals, the patient evolves successfully, to the extent that the new device allows you to develop your life normally. Expected that a patient gets discharged from hospital soon.

Then, the patient undergo controls to, initially, they will be more frequent. However, the advantage of this intervention is that, After the operation, the receiver It happens less medical reviews that if had received a new organ. The ‘ handicap’ is that have to be loaded on a permanent basis with the batteries that operate the device and have autonomy to 16 hours, eight each.

The artificial heart that was just introduced in Córdoba, called Berlin Heart Incor, consists in electromagnetic-operated axial-flow pump and composed of a motor, cannulas of entry and exit and a control unit.

What it is??

The device drives the blood from the left ventricle to the aorta at a rate of between 5.000 and 15.000 revolutions per minute and you can provide up 7 litres of continuous flow, enough to wholly or partially replace heart function, According to the needs in each time.

All of the device is located on the inside of the patient and is connected to the control unit - that is using two battery recharge- through a single cable, electrical power and data analysis. This type of operation is performed, as explained by the Chief of Cardiovascular Surgery service, Ignacio Muñoz, under extracorporeal circulation and, before removing, many controls are carried out.

Contrary to what happens in the heart transplant, It is not necessary to remove the patient's heart, because according to the requirement of every moment, You can partially or totally replace the function of the heart. The device, that works for 10 years, is, Therefore, automated and, According to doctor Muñoz, There are patients with more than one decade of survival.

While it's the first time it occurs in Andalusia, the effectiveness of this technique is noted, that have been implemented in more than 5.000 patients worldwide.

The [en línea] Cordoba (Spain): the, 24 November 2011[REF. 23 November of 2011] Available on Internet:



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29 11 2011
angulaso (22:45:09) :

Tus articulos son realmente sorprendentes, sobre todo el del corazon artificial permanente, gracias por compartir esa información, continua añadindo articulos, las personas te lo agradeceran.
Best regards.

30 11 2011
doctopolis (21:29:53) :

Thanks a lot. Seguiremos esforzándonos para publicar artículos interesantes. Best regards.

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