New ways of doing in health: e-health

24 09 2012

Josep M Pike

Director of systems and ICT in theHospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau


The concept of e-health appears as more than 10 years to synthesize a concept in the introduction of ICT in the field of health. The progress made in the development of this type of technology, over the past years, they have changed many of the forms of production and relations with customers and suppliers, both the industrial sector, and in the services.

However, its introduction the health sector has been much slower by several factors and barriers, have your factor common in the complexity of which could be called the medical device or generically health and by the large number and diversity in the human labour force that intervenes.

Currently, all seem to indicate that it has initiated a process of hatching in his introduction by what we can anticipate that in a short period of time, as has occurred in other sectors, forms of work and provide health will vary deeply.

Some of the initial current approaches can already orient us in its features, Firstly the technification has one of its pillars in the clinical patient safety, This has been one of the drivers in the introduction of the electronic medical record and its derivatives, electronic prescribing, the realization of exploration and even around the surgical intervention.

Other drivers would be around the improvement of processes, to be able to act at a lower cost while maintaining or improving the quality, at this level the introduction of methodologies of the industrial sector open a path of huge interest in redefining processes.

The third driver it would be in the virtualization of the relations, as has happened in other industries, especially in the services, becomes unnecessary contact "face to face" to access the product and the level of the contribution of the Internet is really disruptive, all aspects about telemedicine and tele assistance are starting a spectacular development, also the evolution of the Internet to the 2.0 and even to the 3.0 (Semantic Webs) hardly makes the future predictable at the present time


The challenge will be how to manage change that will assume and introduce the experience of continuous innovation in the sanitary structures; Finally but not least will be the necessary modification of systems of financing and payment of the health system. [en línea] Barcelona(ESP):, 24 de septiembre de 2012 [REF. 10 de septiembre de 2012] Available on Internet:



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