Podoconiosis a forgotten disease. Experience in Ethiopia.

5 02 2015
Laura Prieto was the III Conference of development cooperation and health of the Miguel Hernández University of Elche speaking the podoconiosis and their experience in Ethiopia in the month of harness of the 2014
This paper has been recorded and edited thanks to the services of educational innovation of the UMH, within the reported PLAN of the UMH.
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It has been a magnificent work of all
Thank you
José Manuel Ramos
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Information about volunteering in Hospital of Gambo: http://www.gambohospital.org/voluntariado/
Gambohospital.org [en línea] Arsi (ETH): gambohospital.org, 05 de febrero de 2015 [REF. 25 November of 2014] Available on Internet:http://blog/podoconiosis-una-enfermedad-olvidada-experiencia-en-etiopia/ www.gambohospital.org/



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