Digital image processing based on functioning of the immune system

8 10 2012

Using nature as model, a group of scientists with Mexican participation, they have created an algorithm that optimizes the processing of digital images.

algoritmo que optimiza procesamiento imágenes digitales

The first applications of this technique involve medicine. (Photo: Volker Brinkman/PLoS Phatogens )


Imitating the functioning of the immune system man, a group of scientists with Mexican participation have optimized image analysis by computer, using a specific type of instructions known as section Clonal algorithm (ASC).

The immune system creates barriers against invading organisms. First detect the external agent to recognize it. Then antibodies are multiplied with the obtained information and attacking the Antigen.

Making an analogy the researchers optimized the reading of images. The Antigen would be the problem to resolve and potential solutions antibodies, clarifies the article published in Mathematical Problems in Engineering.

In this way the ASC creates randomly possible solutions that tie with the problems that are faced, If there is success creating clones that are improving to attack the problem. Otherwise proposes another solution.

This algorithm works as one series of instructions that you solve mathematical problems, for detect and classify the most relevant characteristics and with more information pixels What conform to the image.

“The segmentation of images, It belongs to the area known as vision by computer, It is one of the most difficult problems that there are, in practice it is even intractable because there is not a simple computational algorithm to solve it”, said Juan Humberto Sossa Azuela, co-author of the study and a member of the Mexican Academy of Sciences

“One of the advantages that has used the bioinspirado computation (as the ASC) It is that you can solve problems in a much faster way, more efficiently and at a lower cost”, said researcher of the center of research in computation of the IPN.

The expert and his team have several years developing a wide variety of bioinspired computational systems, but relatively little time the AIC and its application in the analysis of digital images.

The analysis of medical images is one of the first applications developed by the specialist and his team, for example, photographs of small samples of blood called smear.

According to the results of the first tests of the researcher, It is possible to detect early stages of lymphoblastic leukemia, a type of cancer in which the bone marrow produces an excess of lymphocytes. [en línea] Mexico(MEX):, 08 October of 2012 [REF. 25 de septiembre de 2012] Available on Internet: