A spinal cord injured young man creates a foundation for the cure of spinal cord injuries

20 12 2010

It all started with the accident of Carles. Your need and personal determination led him to restore as soon as possible and discover a new situation in which had to dump all your dedication.

Travel, attend conferences, meet scientific specialists in the regeneration of spinal cord injuries and exchange ideas with others involved with a similar vocation, they made him get down to work. Was noted that there was much work to be done and that it should begin as quickly as possible to change things. Thus was born Fenexy.

Fenexy It is a non-profit organization formed by a diverse team of people, Since people with spinal cord injuries to scientists and professionals from different specialties. The entire team works together with illusion and force to achieve a major milestone: cure spinal cord injuries.

Although it is a single goal, must be tackled the challenge from different points. Why Fenexy is multidisciplinary and divides it into multiple tasks: promotion and financing of basic and clinical research, proven and close information for persons with spinal cord injury and family, social impact and fundraising events, involvement of society with the progress of the cure of spinal cord injuries, establishment of bridges of communication between research entities etc.

Currently the Fenexy Foundation does not receive any Government funding. Its funding comes mainly from individual donations.

You can learn to Carles and its history in this video broadcast by Televisió de Catalunya (TV3) last Thursday 15 December.

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Fenexy.org [en línea] Barcelona (Spain): fenexy.org [REF. of 20 in December of 2010] Available on Internet: