The new tobacco law will not hurt the catering according to the SEE

2 12 2010

As a result of statements to the media made by representatives of the tobacco and the patron of hospitality in the last days, the Society Spanish of epidemiology (SEE) recalls that the reform of the law on sanitary measures against smoking extends to workers hospitality the protection enjoyed by January of 2006 the vast majority of workers in our country. Groups that stayed aside from this reform have followed in their great majority exposed to unacceptable levels of environmental tobacco smoke, irritating multicomponent mixture, toxic and carcinogenic, that is to say, capable of inducing cancerous mutations in humans.

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In this context, the SEE welcomed the reform of the law, and expects policy changes to avoid much of the most of 1200 annual deaths attributable to passive smoking in Spain, If take into account only those due to lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. In fact, among the most of 800.000 hospitality workers currently exposed to environmental tobacco smoke regularly, it has been estimated that they could occur 1000 cancer cases follow exposed continuously during their working lives to the levels observed in recent studies. Contrary to what some organizations of the catering industry have expressed, the SEE insists that scientific evidence, derivative of multiple and rigorous studies carried out by independent researchers, It highlights the absence of economic damage in countries that have already implemented these rules. On the other hand, an increase in economic activity in this sector could be expected, Since allow reform to the 70% the population of this country (non-smoking rooms) enjoy these spaces of entertainment without having to expose an absolutely avoidable risk. The reform of the law will allow us to obtain short-term and long-term benefits on the health of the people. The evaluation of the Act of 2005 He showed that the initiative reduced in more than one 10% myocardial infarction, In addition to reducing respiratory symptoms among workers exposed after the implementation of the law.


At last, as noted in the evaluation of the Act of 2005, experience simple and easy to interpret measures recommended, as it is the ban, Since any other measure likely to be subject to arbitrary interpretations, and you can depend on the capacity of monitoring and inspection. In addition, There is evidence that clearly indicate that the technological ability to renew the air polluted by tobacco smoke is limited. Even when apparently the air is clean or clean we can detect the harmful components of tobacco smoke, that you are not visible nor noticeable from the olfactory point of view, What makes them particularly dangerous.


For all these reasons the SEE hoped that the reform of the law finally adopted in the terms in which it has been raised to advance so seamless in the protection of the health of the population and in particular of the most vulnerable groups, in this case the catering workers.


Society service Spanish [en línea] Madrid (Spain): THE NEW TOBACCO LAW WILL PROTECT THE HEALTH OF WORKERS WITHOUT PREJUDICE TO ECONOMIC TO THE INNKEEPERS. 20 November of 2010 [REF. of 1 in December of 2010]. Available on Internet: Note of the Spanish society of epidemiology in support of the reform of the tobacco act (PDF).