Dr Pike: Innovation and health.

4 06 2012

Dr. Josep Manel Picas Vidal

Director of systems and ICT in theHospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau


Currently, the innovation concept is, probably, one of the most cited probably due to many factors, Surely the need generated by the current economic situation obliges us to rethink many of the things we do, in the sense of obtaining greater efficiency and effectiveness in particular, in the results obtained in the health action.

It is perhaps best to start with a correct definition, in this case I will use the one made by Vincent K. Omachonu and Norman G. Einspruch of the University of Miami in Florida, US, in their Innovation work in Healthcare Delivery Systems: A Conceptual Framework, published in The Innovation Journal: The Public Sector Innovation Journal, Volume 15(1), 2010, Article 2. defines innovation, also citing other researchers, as "the introduction and application, in a role, a group or an organization, of ideas, processes, products or processes, New in the adoption unit, appointed to significantly benefit the individual, to the Group, or in a broader sense to the society. In the same work they focus the health innovation must bear in mind the quality, costs, the patient safety, efficiency and health outcomes. It should focus on the patient in how looks it, as listen you and as their needs are covered.

This patient care forms an essential part of the concept of innovation, you receive qualifications as similar and open innovation as Eric Von Hippel, Professor at the MIT Sloan School of Management, Boston, US, in its Democratizing Innovation publication, that under license Creative Commons is freely accessible on the Internet.

The concept of innovation is so potent that, even the dynamic state of Massachusetts in US, It does flag of the concept of Revolutionary Innovation as a "brand" of your node for the attraction of investments and projects.

Innovation in health as defined in IBM in his "Healthcare study 2015 and Care Delivery"can focus on services (p.e. e-visitas) business processes (p.e. decision-making support systems)models (p.e. new medical devices) products (p.e. dispositivos médicos) social innovation and policy (p.e. new payment systems) management and culture of innovation (p.e. Security, quality...)p.e

It is worth to visit the blog of the Harvard Business Review on the 10 Innovations that transform medicine:


and it is worth entering in many of the concepts that there is on the subject and the adaptations of innovations that come from the industrial sector and services to the health sector, as to reference in my previous blog.

A fascinating world is opening, the value of the performances will be located as the main objective to achieve.