A study on the design of the model of citizen participation in health of Puertollano, awarded at the national level

27 09 2010

The work entitled “Design of a model of citizen participation in health in the community of Castilla - La Mancha and implementation in the Area of health of Puertollano (2005-2008) He has won the national award “25 anniversary of the University Hospital complex in Albacete”.

The work done by Alvaro Santos, César Fernández and José María Bleda, It won the award that is delivered for the first time at the national level during the delivery of the 17TH Edition of the research awards of the Albacete hospital.

The prize was destined for the best work of research on health management and health technology assessment published in scientific journals, specialized and developed in national territory, as reported by the Board in press release.

The paper describes the model of citizen participation in health in the Area of Puertollano, Pioneer at national and international level, based on deliberative democracy, through proposals to the management of the sanitary Area contract, made by citizens to individual title or through the associations and social and health organizations present in the Area.

This experience put into operation by the Government of Castilla - La Mancha in Puertollano, It is intended that citizens can get involved directly in the day-to-day management of health resources, even with decision-making capacity part of the budgets to the Board of communities destined for the integrated management of Puertollano.

This model extends the ability of decision, management and responsibility of citizens in the health system, the user became the axis of the public health system, accomplishing that it is co-gestor and co-responsible with the Administration in the decision-making.

In the month of October of 2007 they began the formalities for the formation of organs of citizen participation, counting the Forum at the moment with sixty-two associations of Puertollano and region.

The model of citizen participation in the Area of Puertollano, which currently has with 62 associations, It has raised great interest at national and international levels in countries as Chile, Argentina, Canada and in communities such as Aragón, Andalusia, Balearic Islands and has been recognized with several national awards, among the prizes obtained in the X national meeting of programmes of community activities in primary care, the award obtained in the Spanish society Congress of attention to the user, recognition as a finalist in the awards Esteve and the prize for the best Idea of the year 2008 granted by medical journal.

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