Applications to care for the health of patients

21 05 2012

The Colombian website Enterco recommended five useful apps to help in the diagnosis and measurement of various indicators.

By Hugo Luis Sanchez Gonzalez

General medical

As said Steve Jobs when he introduced the iPhone for the first time, in 2007,"the magic is in the software."Applications are those that allow these devices to be useful for almost everything and for different types and user profiles, and doctors are no strangers to this.

Mobile applications can be useful for practitioners and medical students to streamline processes, provide information in real time, reduce data entry errors and much more.

But remember, any applications or technology is above the medical concepts, These applications should be viewed only as tools that assist them in their work and their concepts are much more accurate and efficient.


This application interpret arterial blood gas, one of the elements which are analysed in a blood test. It is useful when you have doubts about the States of acid-base of the human body. It is available in English, is free toiOSandAndroid, and hasa version pays for Androidwhich costs 1,99 $.


In ancient times, the Apgar score table placed it in thermal cradles for the rapid assessment of the newborn. With this single application is click on the known variables and gives quick value of the score. It is available in English, is free toAndroidand foriOSCuesta 0,99 $.

Glasgow Coma Scale.

This scale is often the headache of some students and emergency physicians. There is always a table attached to the wall in the trauma centers. This application is useful for assessing neurological status of a patient after a trauma, It has an intelligent interface and allows selected as patient to a child or an adult. There are many applications with this scale. The ofAndroidcomes in different languages, including the Spanish, and is free of charge.

Sanford Guide to Antimicrobial Therapy 2011-2012.

Those who know this book will know that having this guide on antibiotics on the smartphone is very useful, because it will bring doubt to any interested party. With multiple search options, always up-to-date with what any of these medicines can be found. ForAndroid, is only available in English, and costs 29,99 $, and foriOSCuesta 360 $.


Many doctors have trouble recognizing what you see in an image. To exit doubt, VisualDx is a database of images in full color on a large number of disease along with a brief description, so it will be easier to make a diagnosis. It has versions foriOSandAndroid, is in English and is free of charge. [en línea] Buenos Aires (ARG):, 21 de mayo de 2012 [REF. 08 in May of 2012] Available on Internet: