Valentí Fuster and international experts presented in Barcelona the latest technologies of cardiovascular health

3 11 2011

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide - also in the Spanish State-, and every year they cause almost 20 million dead, According to the who. It is estimated that in 2030 a few 24 million people lost life by heart disease and stroke episodes.

“We have a responsibility as researchers improve early detection techniques and reduce the social impact of the disease”, He said the Dr. Valentí Fuster, from today and until Saturday participates in the International Conference Evolving Challenges in Promoting Cardiovascular Health, who organise the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), the Social work “La Caixa” and the International Centre for the Scientific Debate (CIDC) in Barcelona.

Under the title Heart: health and life, the NYAS, the Social work “La Caixa” and the CIDC have opened to the general public this Act so that citizens have the opportunity to see first hand the most outstanding research and advice better based on the prevention of diseases of the heart and the lifestyle to promote cardiovascular health.

More information on debate-entrevista in the Obra Social microsite “La Caixa”:

High-level scientific and multidisciplinary sessions

The scientific sessions, the days 4 and 5 November, meet a stellar set of 23 speakers among which there are international leaders in the field of cardiovascular diseases. These sessions will include the most innovative fields, as heart regeneration, moderate logged by the Dr. Roger J. Hajjar Mount Sinai, and diagnostic imaging, in another moderate session by the Dr. Jagat Narula, from the same institution. In addition to the plenary sessions, the workshop will be panel discussions and presentations on the latest developments in the more translational aspects of cardiovascular research.

The main objective of this meeting is to promote a multidisciplinary dialogue between researchers and physicians from academia and industry, and also with other participants dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. “The meeting in Barcelona is a big challenge because we will discuss innovative aspects of the cardiovascular area, as the way to move from treating disease to promote health, or the way of treating joint diseases cardiovascular and cerebral microcirculation-related”, the Dr explained. Fuster. “Is a very interesting Conference that will bring together researchers from diverse fields of medicine and basic research to put together the latest advances in areas as exciting as the promotion of health, cardiovascular image, gene therapy and developmental biology”.

Scientific information exchanged by the participants at the Conference are utilitzara to generate high-quality publications (in multimedia format and paper). [en línea] Barcelona (Catalunya):, 3 November 2011[REF. 3 November of 2011] Available on Internet:



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