Dr FRANGI: HPV Institute to promote integrated biomedical research is now operational

4 07 2011

Dr. Alejandro Frangi

Director Center for research in image technologies and biomedical simulation (CISTIB)

In June, in Belgium, gave the kick-off of the non-profit foundation HPV Institute, of which belongs to Pompeu Fabra University and is a member in the Steering Committee.

The great challenges of the health care system for the next decade - as personalized medicine, the ageing of the population, migrations and mobility, systems of prevention and early diagnosis or overcoming chronic diseases, among others- they will require the kind of integrated research HPV initiative want to promote.

The Virtual Physiological Human Institute for Integrative Biomedical Research, abbreviated form, HPV Institute, became the 24 March of 2011 in Leuven (Belgium), the process of incorporation and the month of June ended in mid May, in Belgium, It began to operate as a non-profit organization.
Alejandro Frangi, Professor and researcher ICREA-Academia of the Department of information and communications technologies (DTIC) of the Pompeu Fabra University is part of the Steering Committee and the next 28 September is expected to be held the first General Assembly of the HPV Institute in the Pompeu Fabra University.

A consolidated action covering research and clinical practice

HPV Institute mission is to ensure that the vision of the Virtual Physiological Human is a reality, adopted internationally and effectively used both in clinical practice and research.

The HPV initiative was started in the year 2005, driven by a group of European researchers interested in applying predictive models to biomedicine. Inspired by the Physiome project, the HPV initiative focused on the development of methodologies and technologies that make it possible to investigate the human body as a whole.

The concerted action STEP He supported the realization of the first roadmap of research carried out in the framework of this project, involving more than three hundred experts from around the world. From there, the HPV community prospered quickly until reaching post more than two thousand researchers from around the world and over two hundred million in competitive research projects.

Currently HPV has the support of the 7 Sixth framework programme network of European excellence, in which UPF has played a fundamental role, with more than thirty research projects, that includes six major projects integrated with an important participation of UPF and other Catalan and Spanish actors.

An action that requires the sum of many knowledge

Life is the result of a complex system of interactions involving many processes that take place in different scales in space and in time. Biomedical research and clinical practice every day produce a lot of information about these processes. This information, However, is very fractional, (e) integrate it is one of the objectives of the researchers for which require tools to make it intelligible and that, In addition, grows exponentially in time.

So it is necessary to develop a new approach that allows to integrate all this information and at the same time simplifying it to transform it into knowledge. Virtual Physiological Human, HPV, It is a methodological framework that will make it possible to study the human body as a whole once properly established and validated.

For this reason, the HPV initiative requires multidisciplinary contribution of different fields of knowledge, as mathematics, Computational Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Biology, the physiology and medicine.

In the short and medium term, the need to consolidate an integrated biomedical research will also require the consolidation of an academic curriculum, the publication of scientific journals and the establishment of international conferences, scientific societies and international awards. There will, also, that demonstrate the efficacy of the developments based on the HPV paradigm in medical practice, and ensure the visibility needed both in the field of research and the society in general.



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6 09 2011
Godofredo Arauzo (01:08:07) :


Huancayo Peru 3 in September of the 2011

Mr Minister of health of Peru
Of my highest consideration:
I am writing to you.. to make knowledge to Huancayo EsSalud, Freedom, Arequipa, Sabogal, Rebagliati and beacon have begun vaccination against the virus, human papillomavirus (HVP) It says in its propaganda because it is which causes carcinoma of the cervix (CCU). There are several suspicious factors that favor the appearance of the CCU including HPV; but this virus does not meet Koch postulate to consider it as the etiological agent of the CCU, as EsSalud and the manufacturers are promoting en masse. This vaccine is made from a virus lab; they do not have any toxicity study, been investigated in 11,000 and in only 5 años. They say they investigated by indirect methods, hacer por métodos directos no era realista ni ético (Harperyears). The vaccine was authorized by the FDA for marketing in only 6 months and in Spain in 9 months, When this period lasts 3 años; prior to the authorization of the Gardasil was tested in only 1,200 women, refuse the companies that sell vaccines to provide data on all the funds invested in propaganda (Medicine systematics 11-2010). The vaccine was licensed to be used only in young people who had not started their sex but they are vaccinating women of up to 45.anos;. There is evidence that Yes are vaccinated with HPV-positive women, the CCU will increase in a 44.6 % ( Jara M 2010); the phase II clinical trial has not been published (Laurel AC 2009); vaccination is not justified, is big business (Scientific network 2009) and there is a blatant advertising campaign exaggerating the risk (Cam-Men 2009); in Spain by investigations have determined that prevent a carcinoma of the cervix caused by HPV, It would cost 8 million euros which is statistically unacceptable. In addition the World Association for Cancer Research (WACR) He said the letter that medical nor scientifically demonstrated to be effective and in Europe have been formed two associations closely one de15, 000 researchers from first line dedicated to cancer and another Association of relatives affected by the vaccine who requested a moratorium, until its effectiveness is determined, that will be just the 2025-2030. In the USA has formed a group "The truth about the gardasil" of mothers seeking to prohibit the misnamed vaccine against carcinoma of the cervix which it accused of having ruined the lives of their daughters and even in some cases of having assassinated. The HPV vaccine is not effective, not safe, or prevent cancer of the cervix (http://isabeldelafuente.ning.com/forum/topics/ineficacia-y-peligrosidad-de?xg_source=activity). .
According to VAERS (acronyms in English), Report system of adverse reactions caused by vaccines from the United States Government, to date only in USA have occurred 81 deaths and more than 20,000 adverse reactions; of them between the 6 % al 10 % eran graves y sólo se reportan el 1 % al 10%; extrapolating STOA data then there have been nearly 200,000 adverse reactions and 810 muertes ( VAERS Report 2009) In the India suspended the vaccination because it caused 6 mudeathsDempeus 2010); after vaccination there were two deaths in Austria and one in Germany (Suppository 2010); in Valencia a girl had seizures after the vaccine and currently remains in a wheelchair; Another teenager 16 years after vaccinated seems a person of 50 years (Serra MJ 2009); in the USA in February of the 2009 were presented 638 serious adverse effects: 544 seizures, 34 thrombosis, 9 heart failure and 51 alopecia (Lleida 2009); After injection were produced 28 abortions (GineBlog 2009); 35 girls suffered serious reactions, two are still hospitalized (elPeriodico.Com 2009); Balear a girl suffered 14 seizures per day after vaccination (diariodemallorca.es 2009); scientists from Spain, Germany and Canada require the moratorium of the vaccine until solid evidence of the safety and efficiency (Lajornada 2009); its effectiveness is newly determined the 2025-2030 (cherada 2010); vaccinations are unjustified and are big business ( Scientific network 2009) and the cost is high $ 1000 the 3 dose.
El Dr. Bernat Soria Minister of SaniDre Spain express: "studies are lacking, too many evidences of their adverse effects and does deplete the budget of public healtDrt;; el Dr. Carlos Alberto Dardet Catedrático of public health of the University of Alicante, Spain and Director of the Journal of epidemiology and Community Health says that the HPV vaccine is: Fraud?, Scam?, Theft?; is the marketing of fear; the researcher Juan Servas says that it is a joke to women's health.:
The pharmaceutical industry introduced drugs harmful to health: the etilestilbestrol that was used between the decades of the 40 to the 70 in women, especially pregnant; their use was banned because it was found that it caused the clear cell carcinoma in the vagina of women and morphological alterations in the Genitourinary tree; estrogens which favored breast carcinoma; Thanks to the research of the Women Health initiative (WHI) it suspended its use; the thalidomina, the sweetener aspartame and ultimately unnecessary massive and mandatory use of the vaccine against influenza A in complicity with the who (Forcades 2009). Between the 2000-2003 the quasi-totality of the pharmaceutical companies of USA went through the courts accused of fraud and forced to pay more than 2.2 billions of dollars; 4 of them they acknowledged their responsibility for criminal acts (http://www.scribd.com/doc/20359792/CRIMENES-FARMACEUTICOS-TERESA-FORCADES) .
For the reasons given I would ask his Office, Minister, issuing a resolution declaring a moratorium on the human virus Papilloma vaccine, until its effectiveness that will be newly determined between the 2025-2030; our compatriots are not Guinea pig of transnational corporations and the State not dilapide their meagre resources in an uncertain vaccine, in phase of experimentation and not proven effective medical or scientific.
Kind regards
Dr. Godofredo Arauzo
View. : 05164252052

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